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MCHS Calendar Drive

Register your Calendar!

The 2014 Calendar Drive is now under way! To view the kickoff video above click on the play symbol on the left and then the lower-right icon for full screen. If you have "lost" your Calendar Drive salesperson and would like to order the calendar by mail, then download the PDF form and mail it to the address on the form. The cost (includuing mailing) is $27. Make all checks payable to Marian Catholic HS.Calendar Man

Once you get your calendar, check out the optional features in the front of the calendar- "The Great Doubler" and the "50/50 Holiday Split the Pot."

If you have any questions regarding the calendar drive fund-raiser or would like to order calendars to be picked up at school, please call John Perkovich at 708-755-7565, extension 1446.

*- denotes double winner





Monica Smith
Marianne Lockridge
Toni Myers
Sylvia Gothard
Roderick DeGuizman
Betty Maloney
Susan Ye
Janet Eichberger
Angela D. Craig
Melissa Cunha
Janet McDonald
Tim Green
Sungmin An
Kim DeBartolo
Glen R. Reno
Katy Deschepper
Anthony & Sharon Renzetti
Elisa Wilson
*- Susan Krupa
Barry Freeh
Sue Miller
Benita Bolliner
Pam Fagan
Bob King
Marge Voss
Rudell Christian
Linda Fox
Cheryl Cowser
Ms. Anka Dinich
Julie Giammarco
DeYone Harris

Bryan Lauer
Lisa Raimondi
Brenda Edders
Sheree Sopko
Jeanne Laich
Domingo Martinez
Malcolm Whiteside
Connie Faso
Michele Qualkinbush
Mary K. Rozema
Teresa Powell
Diane Goeders
Ann Helsel
Christine Lisak
*- Robert Hoefler
Rhonda Linneman
Mr. Luis Banuelos
Joseph Hamann
Tanisha Ell
Jennette Black
Tim Pounder
Kayla M. Bickham
Karyn Muldrow
James & Mabel Dancy
Joseph A. Piunti, Sr.
Don Berg
Tracy Meyers
Julaine Blair

Linda Smith
Cedric Brumley, Sr.
Sheila Lane
Jan Zapchenk
Maryanna Lyza
Denise Ackerman
Gary Packard
Beverly Berger
Alisa Neal
Marie H. Volek
Nadine & Kevin Kelly
Nader Ghazaleh
Carla Bucci
Lester Brown
Jeanette & Fred Walker
Al DiLuia
Jacqueline Ryan
*- Mark & Mary Joyce
Karen Bainbridge
Jerilynne Johnson
*- Robert Pagorek
Laura Keslin
Traci Barnes
Marie Kelly
Cathy Levy
Medina Bailey
Soline Alexandre
Todd Regan
Mary E. Isabell
Mary Jo Kelly
*- Eve DeLuca