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The Unrestricted Fund supports Marian Catholic academics, athletes, and artists. A gift to this fund helps Marian Catholic maintain its high standards held throughout its history, while providing opportunities for our students to move forward and excel.

Why We Give

Marian Catholic moves forward in our academic endeavors.

The Unrestricted Fund helps hold our facilities to high standards and allows opportunities such as our new soundstage and engineering classes to provide cutting-edge experiences. Students and teachers use of iPads is supported by the Unrestricted Fund, and allows for innovative learning inside the classroom.

While academics advance, we stand strong in providing the same great education we have for 57 years.

With over 40 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, students are prepared for a lifetime of achievements. The Unrestricted Fund helps provide superior educational opportunities for students, and faith development, which continue to be the backbone of Marian Catholic. Daily Theology classes allow students to delve into their Catholic faith and immerse themselves in the Dominican Pillars that ruminate from our Dominican background.

A gift to the Unrestricted Fund will support our facilities that keep our athletes moving forward.

A visit from Super Bowl Champion Michael Prior ’81 reminds us of the strong foundation that Marian Catholic athletics maintain. Brett Lilek ’12 continued moving forward after his success on the Marian Catholic baseball team, and was drafted by the Miami Marlins. Tyler Ulis ’14 continues his progression of excellence on the court at The University of Kentucky and their notable basketball team. Successes like these, and those from our current athletes, are based on the solid foundation of Marian Catholic athletic programs.

The Unrestricted Fund flourishes creativity in the artists at Marian Catholic.

The Theater and Choir Departments continue to produce exciting shows and concerts on the stage that is maintained by this fund. Tanya Baker ’05 continued her love of the arts by pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts and being honored as a James Beard Award nominee. The Unrestricted Fund provides resources to the arts that provide a strong background of accomplishments. With these improved resources, the Forensics Team will continue to bring home state titles and the Marching Band will stand strong with their tradition of excellence.

The accomplishments of tomorrow’s alumni will be rooted in the solid foundation they receive at Marian Catholic, and continue to move forward in the Marian tradition.


The Sr. Simeon Fund brings tuition relief to families in need whose commitment to a Catholic college prep education is threatened by an unexpected, unfortunate event such as parental death, disability, or sudden loss of work. As a faith community, we are compelled to secure the means to support these students.

Thank you for your support of Marian Catholic.

Donate Now

For further information, please contact:
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