Marian Catholic High School

Marian Catholic Phone-a-thon


You are the Legacy - You are the Promise!

At the end of January, over 200 parent and student volunteers gathered in the MCHS Library to call alumni, current parents, and alumni parents, raising $62,800 in pledges.  The popular Marian Fund Phone-a-thon event was  coordinated by Marian Fund Director, Peg Massucci, assisted by Pat Trebe and the entire Advancement Team.  The event is co-chaired by current parents Marianne and Dan Gregorovic and Kathy and Mike Manno.  Peg has stepped down after this Phone-a-thon, having coordinated the hallmark event for 16 years, to leave it in the capable hands of Advancement Staff, coordinated by Pat Trebe.

Phone-a-thon volunteers return year after year, many even long after their student has graduated.  Massucci said, “This year, we have on our Phone-a-thon Committee people who have been with the Phone-a-thon for almost as many years as I have…and, if you can believe this, we receive calls from parents to say they are disappointed they haven’t been contacted to participate as phone-a-thoners.  MCHS volunteers are always ready to do what is needed.  And, as I’ve said before, the best part about volunteering for the Phone-a-thon is that you can do an awful lot of good simply by giving just a couple hours of time.  Thank you to all who have supported the Phone-a-thon for all my years as coordinator. You are the legacy—You are the promise. Please continue to come out…I’ll be there as a volunteer along with you.”

“On behalf of the entire school, we in the Advancement Department are very grateful.  We continue to be inspired by the MCHS community as so many continue, especially in these economically challenging times, to ‘answer the call.’  We see members of our community responding to the needs of the school, as well as many being extremely generous with their gifts to help others.  During my time as Phone-a-thon Coordinator, I’ve realized that the saying, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going,’ holds incredibly true for Marian Catholic volunteers and constituents—the goodness and commitment grows each year, evidenced by both the number of volunteers and the community response to the call,” said Peg.

While the Marian Fund impacts all aspects of school life, the following have been targeted as this year’s priorities:phone

  • Technology/Media Center
  • Unrestricted gifts to augment school operations at the discretion of administration and Board
  • Sr. Simeon Fund which offers tuition assistance to families with demonstrated need, disbursed to families throughout the school year

It’s been said that “friend-raising" and fun are major factors that make the Marian Catholic hallmark Phone-a-thon the ever-popular volunteer phenomena it is each year.  If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to help with next year´s Phone-a-thon, please contact Pat Trebe
((708) 756-9405 or

Those we were unable to reach, and those not available when our phone-a-thoners called, still have an opportunity to participate.Your gift is fully tax deductible, can be paid over twelve months, or charged to your credit card.  Online pledges/gifts are also an option: “Give to Marian.” 

Thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to excellence, helping to enable Marian Catholic High School to continue to teach Scholars with a Soul.