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Marian Catholic High School
Join us for the Tenth Annual
Metro Chicago Alumni & Friends Gathering

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Metro Gathering  Metro Gathering

Metro Gathering

Union League Club of Chicago

65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL

Come meet the new Marian Catholic President, Vince Krydynski ’81 and join us for a complimentary Happy Hour with a networking and social opportunity among other fellow Marian Catholic Alumni and Friends.

Be sure to bring your business card for an opportunity to win a Marian Catholic door prize.

Sponsored by the Marian Catholic Alumni Association

For more information on the Marian Catholic Alumni Association and how you can become involved at any level, please contact

THANK YOU to our event sponsors!

Dennis ’82 & Kristin Depeder ’82 Cortes

Tim Fallon ’84

Cook-Illinois Corporation
John Benish ’84

Alumni members recently gathered in Washington D.C. Here is the photo gallery.

Spartans on the Mall!

MCHS Alumni and Friends are leading our “Spartans on the March.”

On September 9, the MCHS Alumni Office and several alumni hosted a regional gathering in Washington, D.C. at The Newseum, located on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of the city.

The evening started with a private tour of the Newseum, gifted by Joe Urschel ’70, followed by a reception on the 8th Floor that included a scenic view of the Washington Mall.

The 55 people who attended enjoyed a memorable visit with friends, acquaintances, and alumni while coming together to network and share their Marian stories as well as the path their lives have taken.  The event was a phenomenal success not only in bringing people together but also reviving the Marian Spirit among those who attended.

We would like to thank our Washington, D.C. Host Committee Members which included:

  • Anthony D. Cak ’98
  • Mary Jane Doerr ’70
  • Dawn Farrell ’97
  • Bryan Klopack ’02
  • Chris McDonnell ’01
  • Dan Mulhollan ’62
  • Julianne Finlayson Mulhollan ’62
  • Joe Urschel ’70
  • Tony Zagotta ’84

The purpose of our regional gatherings is to help alumni reconnect with the greater Marian community.  Our next event will take place in Florida in February or March.  Details are being finalized.  If you are interested, contact Carol Burke Swanson ’81, Director of Alumni Relations, at 708-756-9775 or

Marian visits Metro in Lincoln Park

Alumni OutreachAlumni OutreachAlumni Outreach

MCHS Chicago Metro Alumni and Friends branched into the Lincoln Park neighborhood at McDunna's for the second annual gathering. Sixty-plus made their way to '81 grad John McGarry's place on West Fullerton to visit & network.The start of another tradition, we had our own Sr. M. Paul McCaughey '67, new Superintendent of Chicago Catholic Schools, as a special guest. Sr. Paul shared that her cabbie was surprised to learn her destination was an Irish Pub and with that she toasted the group gathered, and the efforts of the  Metro Alumni committee to reach out around the city. Amidst the ballgame and music, conversations included letting the McDunna's group (and all our Metro Alumni & Friends) know that, indeed, MCHS is planning its 50th Anniversary Gala downtown as urged from last year's alum poll; new people stepped up to be on the committee to expand our reach; and the consensus is pretty solid that future get togethers should have a little cover charge of $10-$15 to help the Alumni Association's sponsorship. Ideas floated about how to reach out further and sooner next year to choose another gathering place and extend more personal invites to fellow Loop alumni and friends.

Lots of laughs! Some younger alums could not believe that they could "get a beer on MCHS!"  A good natured Todd Toborg '88 was "ok with the pink Spartan pajamas!" business-card raffle prize, as was an alumna  who won two golfers' fees at the famed MCHS Endowment Golf Classic this coming August 18. Jim McAteer '89, got the pubbers' attention with reference to winning cross-town classic tickets. Erroneous, but it kept us quiet for the drawings! It was nice to catch up and meet new people by occupation and geography rather than alum year. So, we're on for next year. If you can recommend any Loop location to host the Third Annual Chicago Metro Alumni & Friends gathering, please contact the Alumni Office (708) 756-9770.

Committee Members for 2008 included:

John Benish '84, Fred Brzozowski '88, Mario Carlasare '00, Mary Cassidy '86, Rosanne Ciambrone '81, Bob Dow '83, Sean Egglesfield '95, Mary Kate Gergel '03, Mickey Griffin '93, Nick Hogeveen '94, Jill Kubancek '74, Terence Marable '94, John McGarry '81, Paul Moffatt '97, Tim & Mary Ann O'Hea '63 '62, Steve Potts '77, Jennifer Hudson Powell '89, Colleen O'Neill Ranieri '83, Amy Rasmussen '89, Shannon Reidy '90, Brian Riordan '89, Jim Schreiber '81, Kathy Skagerberg '71, Jack Skagerberg '73, Nick Slater '91, Dwight Snow '87, Brian Timpone '91, Mary Lou Vendetti Travaglini '71, John Waller '85, Candice Warneke '99 and L.J. Witkowski III '94.

View pictures from the 2008 Metro Chicago event.

View pictures from the 2007 Metro Chicago event.


Members of the 1993 Class 4A State Championship Football team were invited to a gathering January 14, 2008 prior to the Marian vs. Marist men’s basketball game. It was the first time many of them had seen the new Bergstrom Fitness Center, team film room and Leadership Center. Coach Dave Mattio, along with Coach Bergstrom, took the guys on a trip down memory lane, recounting significant moments in each game of the ’93 season, while a DVD of the State Championship game played in the background.

Alumni Outreach

Row 1: (l-r) John Predny ’95, Eric Sullivan ’94, Jeff Towle ’95, Jeremy McMahon ’94, Mike Howard ’94, Brandon Young ’95

Row 2:  Sean Egglesfield ’95, Bucky Glickley ’95, Kurt Herrmann ’95, Mark Broxterman ’95, Frank Kozlowski ’94, Kevin Coy ’94, Dave Perozzi ’94, Tom Estock ’95, Matt Bijak ’95, Pat Gaskin ’95, Dave Woodburn ’95, Steve Grzeskowiak ’94

Row 3:  Nick Hogeveen ’94, Joe Wojcikiewicz ’94, Dana Smith ’94, Dave Wood, Coach Don McKillip, Coach Dave Mattio, Coach Ron Guagenti, Andy DeLaurentis ’95, Brian Vander Luitgaren ’94, Kyle Savino ’94, Jason Ayala ’94, Coach Bob Bergstrom

Row 4:  Mike Coughlin ’95, John Bostedo ’94, Marc Spotora ’95, Garry Leonas ’95, Jim Lanigan ’94, McGarry ’94, Mark Clifford ’94, Kevin Clinnin ’96, Oric Perry ’94, Brian Kochanski ’94, Rich Cummings ’95, Jonathon Kane ’95

Row 5:  Paul Goosby ’95, Pat Hickey ’94, Dustyn Moore ’95, Kevin Hoholik ’95, Steve Zsinko ’95, George DelRio ’95, Eric Flaherty ’94, Ed Wiater ’95, Kevin Walery ’94, Jeff Harrigan ’94, Matt Boyle ’95

Row 6:  Terence Marable ’94, Mike Hanson ’94, Anthony Gambino ’95, Mike Bartolini ’94, Allan Danielwicz ’94, Brian Barry ’94, Tom Cassidy ’95, Rich Bisaga ’94, Gerry Verde ’95, Joe Flores ’94

Just before tip-off of the basketball game, the guys were led to Casey Court for a pre-game ceremony and recognition. Catching up and camaraderie followed, and the evening was enjoyed by the alums, coaches, and staff.

Alumni Outreach

Pictured L-R: Kyle Savino '94, Andy DeLaurentis '95, Brian Kochanski '94, Jim Lanigan '94, Kevin Walery '94, Brandon Young '95, Steve Zsinko '95, Kevin Coy '94, Terence Marable '94, Eric Flaherty '94, John Bostedo '94, Tom Cassidy '95, Mark Clifford '94, Gerry Verde '95, Jeremy McMahon '94, Mike Bartolini '94 and Coach Mattio '66

Alumni Outreach

Gathered in the new team room are L-R: Jim Lanigan '94, Mike Bartolini '94, Terence Marable '94, Jeremy McMahon '94, Gerry Verde '95, Mark Clifford '94, Brian Barry '94, Brian Kochanski '94, Eric Flaherty '94, John Bostedo '94, Kevin Walery '94, Steve Zsinko '95, and seated are Kyle Savino '94 and Coach Bergstrom

View other pictures from this gathering.

Marian Band in Macy's Parade

"New York, New York, it’s a fabulous town!" With the multi-award winning Marian Catholic Marching Band performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, it was the perfect opportunity for President Sr. Mary Paul ’67, Director of Development Carol Burke Swanson ’81, and Alumni Parent and Consultant Mary Moffatt to visit our New York area alumni.

View pictures from 2007 New York event.