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Career Mentor

The Marian Catholic Alumni Association, in cooperation with the Advancement and Guidance Departments, is proud to offer the Career Mentor Program. This is a wonderful opportunity that is open to all Juniors currently enrolled at MCHS.

What is the Purpose of the Career Mentor Program?

  1. To give MCHS Juniors exposure to various career paths that they would not ordinarily gain in a classroom setting, therefore enhancing their ethical leadership skills.
  2. To provide Marian Catholic Alumni the opportunity to give career guidance and insight to MCHS Juniors, empowering them to influence their personal career choice.
  3. To strengthen the quality of Marian’s leadership program through the connection of our two most important resources– students and alumni in order for ethical choice to influence the greater community.

How Does the Program Work?

Marian Catholic Alumni volunteer to spend time at their workplace or establish an email relationship with a Junior who has indicated an interest in their particular career field. A typical day on site may include a tour of the mentor’s workplace; discussion of what the mentor does, how they achieved success in their career, and the moral choices they have faced at work.

Students are responsible for securing transportation to and from the mentor’s workplace and for arranging their absence from school with the Main Office. With appropriate parent and teacher approval, Career Mentor visits are considered excused absences. Email exchanges are conducted in a professional manner and may be subject to review.

How do Students Get Involved?

Ms. Megan Springer, from the Guidance Department, will introduce the Career Mentor Program to juniors during their Emmaus (homeroom) class in the fall. Students interested in pursuing a Career Mentor visit should coordinate requests through Ms. Springer by February 1.

Once a career choice is made, she will conduct a preliminary meeting with the student to discuss what interests the student has within the field of their choice. She will then make the match between student and Alumni mentor. Help is offered to prepare students to make the initial phone call to the mentor, and instruction on the proper workplace etiquette may be given.

If you have any questions regarding the Career Mentor Program, please contact Ms. Springer in the Guidance Department at (708) 996-4633.