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Vince Zerante Vince Zerante '70
(Department Chairperson)
Years at Marian: 44
Education: Loras College, B.S. Biology; Governors State University, M.S. Science Teaching
Courses: Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry
Other responsibilities: Member of the Discipline Board
Voicemail: 1386
Linda Savick Linda Savick
Years at Marian: 30
Education: Northern Illinois University, Comprehensive Major in Biological Sciences; Governors State University, M.A. in Education
Courses: Human Anatomy, Anatomy/Physiology, Anatomy/Physiology Honors
Other responsibilities: Operation Snowball Director, Appalachia Trip Chaperone, Kairos Leader, Leadership Team, Faculty Council
Voicemail: 1271
Barb Murzyn Barb Murzyn
Years at Marian: 25
Education: Illinois State University B.S. Medical Technology; Governors State University B.S. Biology Education; Purdue University, Masters of Science in Education
Courses: Chemistry, AP Biology
Voicemail: 1242
Nick Rohn Nick Rohn '92
Years at Marian: 24
Education: Prairie State College, AA; University of Illinois, BS; Governors State University, MA
Courses: Intro to Trig, Probability/Stats, AP Stats, Physics
Other responsibilities: Head coach of the Math Club / Team, Megaphone moderator
Voicemail: 1267
Peggy Holzhauser Peggy Holzhauser
Years at Marian: 17
Education: DePaul University, B.S. Biology; Chicago State University, Secondary Science Education Certification
Courses: Biology, Honors Biology
Other responsibilities: Discipline Board, Advanced Ed Committee, Co-director of the Marian Step Ahead Program
Voicemail: 1289
Jennifer Clifford Jennifer Clifford '88
Years at Marian: 14
Education: University of Maine, BS Environmental Science; Governor's State University, MA Educational Administration
Courses: Forensic Science
Other responsibilities: Women's Dean, Senior Class Moderator, Freshmen Orientation Supervisor, Generation Green Co-Moderator, Dominican Greenhouse Supervisor
Voicemail: 1428
Scott Becvar Scott Becvar
Years at Marian: 9
Education: University of Illinois, BS Civil/Environmental Engineering, MBA, J.D.
Courses: Physics C AP, Trig/Probability & Statistics, Micro/Macro AP, Honors Calculus
Other responsibilities: Model UN, Assistant Boys Tennis coach
Voicemail: 1204
Tiffany Lopez Tiffany Lopez
Years at Marian: 2
Education: Bradley University, BA Theatre Performance/PR; Lewis University, MA Secondary Education; Secondary Masters candidate 2016.
Courses: Biology, Ecology & Environmental Science, Intro to Botany/Zoology
Voicemail: 1283
Lauren Wallace Lauren Wallace
Years at Marian: 2
Education: BA Education, Chemistry; Masters Candidate Analytical Chemistry 2016.
Courses: Chemistry
Voicemail: 1237
Jim Wiltshire Jim Wiltshire
Years at Marian: 2
Education: University of Notre Dame; Indiana University, MA
Courses: Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C
Voicemail: 1238
Cari Mills

Cari Mills
Years at Marian:
Education: Augustana College, Bachelor's (Pre-Medicine/Biology/Secondary Education); Governors State University, Masters in Educational Administration
Courses: Anatomy and Physiology, Accelerated Biology, Environmental Science/Ecology
Voicemail: 1241

Ben Zerante

Ben Zerante '02
Years at Marian:
Education: University of Notre Dame, Bachelor of Arts; University of Pennsylvania, MS Education
Courses: College Prep Biology, Introduction to Botany and Zoology
Voicemail: 1224