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Marian Catholic Member Board

Sister Rebecca Ann Gemma O.P.

Titles: Chair of the Member Board, Prioress General: Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL

Sister Marie Michelle Hackett O.P.

Titles: Member Board, Member of Leadership Team: Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL

Sister Rose Miriam O.P.

Titles: Member Board, Vicaress General: Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL

Sister Mila Diaz Solano O.P.

Titles: Member Board, Member of Leadership Team: Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL

Board of Directors

Functions of the Board

The Board of Directors shall develop a strategic financial and business plan that integrates Dominican values and promotes academic excellence and a community of learning which embraces all members of the student body, administration, faculty, staff, and volunteers. The powers of the Board of Directors shall be exercised in accordance with the purposes of the Corporation, and shall include but not be limited to the following:
  • To carry out the Corporation's purposes and to implement the Mission Guidelines.
  • To assure that major plans and programs integrate Dominican values.
  • To establish a suitable mechanism for conducting the business of the Board of Directors.
  • To recommend to and to consult with the Members concerning the appointment, salary adjustments on a percentage basis, evaluation, and removal of the President of the Corporation.
  • To establish annual capital and operating budgets, upon recommendation of the Finance Committee. To establish appropriate committees and execute assigned work.

Internal Committees

  • Academic Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Mission Integration Committee
  • Advancement & Admissions Committee

Members of the Board

Christopher Ormsby

Class of 1993
Titles: Chair of Board of Directors, President of Marian Catholic Alumni Association, Alumnus and Current Parent

Eileen Daw

Class of 1978
Titles: Alumna

Edward DiLuia

Titles: Director: The Claro Group, LLC, Alumni Parent

Jeff Keith

Titles: Operating Partner: Avathon Capital, Alumni Parent

Vince Krydynski

Class of 1981
Titles: President (Administration, Advancement, DEI Council), Alumnus and Alumni Parent

Christopher Lilek

Class of 2004
Titles: Senior Manager: Ryan & Juraska LLP, Certified Public Accountant, Alumnus

John Melone

Class of 1985
Titles: Senior Vice President: Starcom, Alumnus and Alumni Parent

Michael Riordan

Class of 1985
Titles: Retired High School Administrator and Educator, Alumnus

Sister Marilyn Jean Runkel O.P.

Titles: Liaison from Dominicans Sisters of Springfield to Marian Catholic High School Board of Directors

Phelan A. Simpkins

Class of 2012
Titles: Legal Counsel: State Farm, Alumnus

At the Call of the Board

Curt Schubert

Titles: Chief Financial Officer (Finance, Administration)

Michelle Brown

Titles: Assistant to the President (Administration, Advancement)

Linda Hansen

Titles: Vice President of Ministry and Mission, DEI Council