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Academic Objectives

The hallmark of a Marian Catholic education is academic preparedness for college study. At Marian, students will learn to tackle rigorous academic projects, including college-level research papers that teach them how to use academic databases and literary criticism. They will learn to problem-solve in the context of academic inquiry, and they will develop their abilities to work with and lead a team of their peers. Marian Catholic students walk onto college campuses ready to be academic leaders in their lecture halls, in their study groups, and to their roommates and friends.

Marian Catholic High School graduates:

  • live their lives in Jesus Christ
  • develop a prayer-rooted spiritual life of fidelity to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
  • develop healthy personal relationships with their peers and with the staff
  • contribute to a Christian atmosphere with their words and deeds
  • give volunteer service to individuals and non-profit institutions
  • work cooperatively with parents, parishes, and the civic community
  • balance their time between rigorous academics and extracurricular activities
  • think independently, critically, and analytically
  • write college-level research papers
  • gain admission into a college suited for their skills and interests
  • continue to develop creativity and aesthetic sensitivity
  • exhibit habits of good health and physical activity
  • assume their roles as responsible leaders and strong citizens
  • display growth in self-esteem and self-discipline

Mary Ann West

Interim Principal