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Affording Marian Catholic

Marian Catholic High School is committed to maintaining a reasonable tuition rate while having the resources to provide a second-to-none Catholic education. Although tuition and fees are the largest sources of revenue, that covers only 70% of the full cost to educate Marian Catholic students, after accounting for scholarships, awards, and discounts. Marian Catholic does not receive any Archdiocesan or government support for normal school operations. Generous donations from our Dominican Sisters, parents, alumni, and friends, as well as other minor income sources cover the remaining 30%. Families who are concerned about affording a Marian Catholic education are encouraged to explore the scholarships, discounts, and awards that are available and apply for tuition assistance. 
Marian Catholic is blessed with an extensive scholarship program, including over 50 different endowed and other scholarships for which students may be eligible. This year alone, Marian Catholic provided over $1.5 million or an average of $1,800 per student in tuition assistance. The specific amount a student receives varies greatly based on merit and financial need. Numerous factors are considered when calculating financial needs including household income, college tuition payments, and tuition payments to private grade schools. Additionally, Marian Catholic provides various awards and discounts for families; and families are able to secure scholarships from outside organizations, such as Empower Illinois and the Big Shoulders Fund.