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Tuition and Fees

Starting in 2022-23, all administrative fees will be rolled into our tuition rate as part of an effort to provide families with greater transparency. Even books, print and electronic, are included in the tuition listed below. When comparing Marian Catholic’s tuition to other schools, please keep in mind fees as part of your total cost. Please also note that there may still be fees associated with certain activities, such as athletics or performing and fine arts, which are not included below. As part of our commitment to keep tuition affordable, Marian Catholic’s current strategic plan includes a commitment to not increase tuition more than 4% a year.
Tuition for the 2024-25 school year: 
  • $15,140 for first student
  • $14,140 for second student ($1,000 sibling discount)
  • $13,140 for third student ($2,000 sibling discount)

Most families choose to pay their tuition over a 10-month payment plan. The first payment is in July and the last payment is in April. Marian Catholic utilizes FACTS Management to track and collect tuition payments. 

Spartan Gold Raffle 

To keep tuition affordable, Marian Catholic holds one mandatory fundraiser each year: the Spartan Gold Raffle. Families are required to sell ten (10) $25 raffle tickets, or $250 will be charged to their tuition account. Instructions and raffle tickets are distributed in the fall quarter.


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