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International Program

Marian Catholic invites international students to join the community.

For over eight years, Marian Catholic has welcomed international students from around the world and given them the opportunity to join our vibrant community. 

Marian Catholic is pleased to announce a new partnership with Cornerstone Education

Cornerstone Education shares Marian Catholic's commitment to ensuring each student receives a uniquely American high school education while fostering individual growth through cultural, social, and emotional support.

Together with Marian Catholic’s rigorous curriculum and extracurriculars, Cornerstone offers international students a comprehensive program, including:

  • Single-room student dorm on campus
  • CSHomestay program from Marian Catholic families 
  • ESL learning support and homework assistance
  • Academic support program 
  • Mental health awareness program 
  • Selected college plan advising program* 
  • Cultural events and community volunteer opportunities

More information & application

Ren Li

Ren Li

President of Cornerstone International