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Marian Catholic invites both students and parents to get to know the school and culture. Whether that's through an open house or a shadow day, the focus is on providing families with ways to experience Marian Catholic that fits them. Marian Catholic cannot wait to meet future Spartans and their families! 

Open House

Get an on-site overview of Marian Catholic programs in academics, preparation for college, and possibilities for involvement, leadership, and service. Families have the opportunity to talk to current parents, meet with coaches and players, tour our campus with students and faculty, and hear our band. 
Open House I - October 3, 2023 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Open House II - November 5, 2023 1 - 3 p.m.

Shadow Days

7th and 8th-grade students have the opportunity to shadow a current Marian Catholic student any full day of school. 8th graders can shadow during the 1st semester, and 7th graders can shadow during the 2nd semester. 

We are no longer accepting 8th grade students as shadows.

The first day a 7th grade student can shadow is January 18, 2024.
We will not accept 7th grade shadows on the following dates:
January 31
February 14, 21, and 26
March 7, 11, and 20
March 27 through April 8 (Spring Break)
April 12, 17 and 24 
The last day a 7th grade student can shadow is May 10. 
Students can request a specific Marian Catholic student to be their host or we can match them up with a student who has similar interests. Shadows walk through their Marian host's schedule (periods 2 to 6) and receive a free lunch. Registration for shadow days is only available online. 
Student shadows should report to the main entrance on Ashland Avenue at 8:20 a.m. and their day will be over at 1:30 p.m. We ask that you dress like a Spartan. This includes a collared shirt, khaki/dress pants (preferred), or nice jeans (no rips/tears), and gym shoes are acceptable. Lunch will be provided for you in our Leadership Center/Cafeteria.
No cell phones are allowed during school hours.