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Marian Catholic Phone-a-thon

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You are part of the Tradition...
Be part of the Future!

phonathonThe 2015 Marian Catholic Phonathon raised nearly $62,000 in pledges to eclipse its goal.

The hallmark Phonathon is like no other fundraiser.

Chaired by current parents Walter and Connie Lolli, and Chuck and Cherie Taylor, parents and students will make calls in the Marian Catholic library over a two week period.  Over seven sessions volunteers will reach out to 12,000 members of the Marian Catholic community throughout the United States. With each pledge, bells rang out and fun fills the library.

Those we were unable to reach, and those not available when our phonathoners called, still have an opportunity to participate. Your gift is fully tax deductible, can be paid over twelve months, or charged to your credit card.  Online pledges/gifts are also an option.

phonathonDonations for gifts to our participants were received from Dairy Queen – Homewood, Zarlengo’s, Glenwood Oaks, Culvers, Family Video, Marcos Pizza, the Spartan Shop, MCHS Athletics, and Aurelio’s Pizza.

Thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to excellence, helping to enable Marian Catholic High School to continue to teach Scholars with a Soul.

A very special thank you to our Phonathon Volunteers!

In 2016, parents will call on Feb. 21-22. Students will reach out on March 1 and March 3. Will you answer the call?

2014-2015 Phonathon


Walter and Connie Lolli

Chuck and Cherie Taylor

Leadership Committee

Dan & Kathy Brzeszkiewicz

Mark & Carol DiSanto

Mary Henry

Kim Hroma

Debbie Kulchawik

Walter & Connie Lolli

Mary Lou Markert

Lynn Ostrowski

Jeff Pavur

Larry Rodimel

Karen Sylva-Givens

Chuck & Cherie Taylor

Yvette Woods

Sharon Sypole

Volunteer Callers

Peggy Adducci

Henry Akinyem

Maureen Anderson

Joe Bart

Mitzi Beebe

Ouida Bennett

Joe Biggio

Caramen Billheimer

Chanelle Bonaparte

Marcia Borucki

Reniya Brown-Shareef

Jack Bruno '75

Kathy Brzeszkiewicz

Dan Brzeszkiewicz

Hector Camacho

Elena Camacho

Vanessa Cannon-Figaro

Patricia Carson

Olivia Carter

Nancy Chmura

Mike Churilla

Angela Craig

Laura David

Joe David

Diana Demarchi

Colleen Domke

Pam Dryanski

Mike DuRocher

Keith Fodness

Wendy Fodness

Patricia Fowler

Joe Fowler

George Friel

Karissa Givens

Laura Godinez

Lisa Goods-Williams

Gordon Grand Pre

Debbie Grober

Meghan Grober '05

Candace Gwizdalski

Lisa Hajduch

Jack Hajduch

Charlotte Hamilton

Antwanette Hendricks

Sue Hodson

Noreen Horan

Dorothy Horton-Jackson

Janessa Horton-Jackson '12

Kim Hroma

Mary Iwaszko

Pete Javorka

Charlotte Kelly

Kellye Kidd

Lisa Kimbrough-Carr

Rebecca King

Tom King

Natalie Kistner

Sharon Knox

Eliza Krawczyk

Jennifer Kreis

Denise Kresal

Tim Kubiak

Linda Kubiak

Debbie Kulchawik

Connie LaVelle

Kimberly Lee

Carmen Leon-Flores

Barbara Lessentine '62

Jessica Lolli '11

Sun Lusk

Yvette Mankovic

Mary Lou Markert

Porcha Mazique

Anne Melone

Tracy Meyers

Jennifer Miller

Crystal Mitchell

Sherri Napue

Alejandra Nieto

Jane Nowakowski

Kevin O'Shea

Lynn Ostrowski

Michele Panton

Jeffrey Pavur

Beth Pensinger

Cathy Perino

Bill Perkins

Jim Piacentini

Patti Piacentini

Crystal Pittman

Teresa Powell

Chris Prendergest

Katrina Richardson

Tiffany Robinson

Larry Rodimel

E. Gaynell Rucker  

Catherine Rusin

Connie Ryczek

Quincy Santomieri

Mary Senick

Linda Sharkey

Cinnamon Siegl Krause

Robin Sims-Powell

Ralph Sobie

Diane Sobie

Camille Soria

Yvonne Stodulski

Mike Strus

Cheryl Strus

Janice Summerrise

Jane Surd

Karen Sylva Givens

Audrey Tredway

Gloria Valdez

Veronica Villalba

Heather Vuckovich

Kathy Webster

Vincent Whitehead

Antwanette Williams

Lisa Williams-Woods

Sabrina Willis

Norma Young-White