Statement from Marian Catholic High School

Marian Catholic High School, alongside the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, pledges our continued prayer, solidarity, and action to achieve racial justice.

Marian Catholic’s diverse community is a strength and a point of pride. We strive to create an educational environment that challenges both students and staff to confront their own biases and wrestle with the difficult topics of systemic racism and social injustice. We recognize the human dignity of all and seek to lift up the value of each person regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religious belief, gender, or sexual orientation.

In this moment, though, we must recognize that we are still far from the Beloved Community that God desires for all of His children and long sought by generations committed to the struggle for equality.

To our students, alumni, and families of color, we hear you. We stand with you. We are listening.

As a Catholic, Dominican high school, we recognize this moment as an opportunity to unite in decrying racism; to commit to the difficult work of long-term social change; to challenge norms even within our own school; and—above all—to seek Truth as St. Dominic taught his followers to do.

To that end, Marian Catholic will be taking the following action. Please look to hear more from us as we work through the details.

  1. We will meet with our Board of Directors to discuss issues of racial inequality and social barriers in our hiring and other practices.
  2. We will make our social worker and counselors available to students in individual or group sessions.
  3. We will form an ad hoc task force to oversee a listening process.
  4. We will convene meetings of the following groups: Faculty, Staff, and Parent Diversity Council; Student Diversity Council; Black Student Union; and Faculty and Staff Town Hall.
  5. We will invite students, parents, and alumni to provide their feedback through surveys and, as part of those surveys, invite them to join us in facilitated small group conversations.
  6. We will convene small group sessions of students, parents, and alumni to hear their input and suggestions.
  7. The ad hoc task force will synthesize the notes from all meetings and groups to recommend a plan of action for the school moving forward.

We encourage you to lend your voice to the conversation. We must all work together to unify our disparities if we are to realize the change the world desires and needs.

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