Marian Catholic Summer Student Trips

After school let out in June, three groups from Marian Catholic High School set out on big adventures aiming to conquer different parts of the world. From Yellowstone National Park, to Costa Rica, to Appalachia - Marian Catholic students were in for the experience of a lifetime.

Furthest from Marian Catholic, the annual adventure to Costa Rica! This troupe took on the zip lines in South America for an exciting week of experiences. This team included: Barb Murzyn, Lauren Sommerville ’18 (Steger), Olivia Skelly-Williams ’18 (Park Forest), Lauren O'Kane ’18 (Park Forest), J'Lynn Williams ’19 (Chicago), Lisa Ham ’21 (Dyer), and Caleb Crockett ’21 (Schererville).

Staying in the U.S., the Yellowstone trip took on an environmentally educational trek to the lovely state of Wyoming. The ecological experience was one that seven of our Marian Catholic students will never forget. This group included: Chemistry and AP Biology teacher, Barbara Murzyn, Biolgy and ZooBot teacher, Ben Zerante ’02, Bob Murzyn, Ethan Roberts ’19 (Lansing), Blake Recupido ’19 (Matteson), Alex Flores ’18(Glenwood), Gabriela Herrera ’18 (Lansing), Lauren Somerville ’18 (Steger), Ashley Marin-Martinez ’19 (Chicago Heights), Pam Hamoay ’18 (Tinley Park), Sean Scanlon, Kim Scanlon, Reilly Scanlon, Taylor Scanlon, and Hannah Scanlon

Closest to home, the Appalachia trip took on the mission to help those in need in Harlan, Kentucky. They worked on a project in an effort to help better the community and interact with the locals living there. This Class of 2019 mission team included: Trina Armitage (Steger), Rosemary Cetera (Tinley Park), Amy Curtis (St. John), Johnny Duong, Kevin Ham (Dyer), Grace Jarzombek (Schererville), Christina Javorka (Lansing), Kyle Rusin (Schererville), Evelyn Santillian (Harvey), Heidi Schuffert (Beecher), Nolan Way (Homewood), and Casey Woods (Beecher).

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