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Spartans place five in top six at Stevenson Invite

Nov. 10- Sparked by a first-place in Women's Sabre by Daria Kudriavtseva on Saturday at the Stevenson Invite, Marian Catholic placed five in top-six finishes overall. Mateo Villareal earned third in Men's Sabre, Benny Nguyen was third in Men's Epee, and the Spartans also got top finishes from Jacob Nieto (fifth, Men's Sabre) and Dominic Zubeck (sixth, Men's Epee).

Nov. 3- Led by a first place from Daria Kudriavtseva in Women's Sabre, Marian Catholic turned in a strong performance Saturday at the Lowell Invitational. Matthew Tan added a third place in Men's Epee, Dominic Zubeck captured fifth place in Men's Eppe and Maritza Spott was eighth in Women's Foil.

General information

Marian Catholic Fencing Team Philosophy

Marian Catholic’s fencing program seeks to provide a balance between inclusion and excellence. While we have created programs to accommodate as many students as possible, we are a varsity sport, with a commitment to training young fencers to compete at the local, collegiate and national levels. We do not guarantee that we will be able to provide opportunities for every student who tries out.



New fencers and returning fencers will each attend two days of tryouts. At the end of this period, an initial cut will be made. Fencers who are kept with the team will be placed on one of the teams below.


Fencers experienced in high school competition. No novice fencers will be on these teams of 13-15 boys and 13-15 girls. Must be committed to compete in all meets (see competition schedule) and attend practice 3-4 times per week.

Junior Varsity

First or second year fencers building skills towards varsity-level competition. Few, if any, juniors or seniors will be included. Approximately 10 boys & 10 girls. Practice 3 times a week.


Fencers of all experience levels who are not among the top varsity or beginning fencers. Practice 2-3 times a week. Limited competitive opportunities for those who attend practice faithfully.


Attendance Policies

Fencers missing the day of practice before a meet, when not prearranged with the coach, will not fence in the meet. Fencers missing two days of practice during a week, for any reason, may be held from competition that weekend. An unauthorized absence from practice results in suspension from the next competition. A second unauthorized absence will result in a two-week suspension.


Sportsmanship Policy

Fencers showing poor sportsmanship in their actions or words towards officials, competitors, teammates or coaches will be subject to suspension for the next competition.

Fencers receiving red or black cards from tournament officials for unsportsmanlike behavior will automatically be suspended from competition for not less than one week.


High School Team/Club Policy

While attendance at area fencing clubs is encouraged, fencers may not represent these clubs at high school meets during the high school season. Fencers are not allowed to skip team practices to attend outside fencing club practices or functions.


MCHS Athletics & School Policies

Although fencing is not an IHSA sport, fencers will observe all of the relevant IHSA guidelines with regard to athletic participation, and will be bound by the “Academic Eligibility” policy, the “Dress Code When Representing Marian” policy and all other relevant provisions of the Student Handbook.


Equipment Fee

Fencers selected for the team will pay a $100 per year equipment fee used to purchase their personal equipment, all of which goes with them when they graduate. Equipment to be purchased includes the following: year 1 - mask, plastron & glove (jacket and pants will be issued from the team armory); year 2 - custom-fitted jacket and pants; year 3 - weapon, body cord, mask cord (if needed) and fencing bag; all 4 years - repair and/or replacement of any items broken or outgrown. Any items of equipment that are lost will be replaced at the fencer’s expense. Personal equipment owned by fencers before joining the team must be inspected and approved by the coaches.


Fencers who participate in club fencing during the off-season may deduct $25 from their annual equipment fee. Fencers whose families participate in the Marian Madness athletics fundraiser in March by selling 7 or more tickets (either entry or raffle) do not have to pay the equipment fee for the following year.

Fencing after Marian

  • Megan Chio '16 - saber, Indiana University
  • Alexis Castillo '16- foil, Indiana University
  • Sierra Jones '15 - epee, Wayne State University.
  • Andrew Tolbert '14 - epee, first male member of the McKendree U. Fencing Team.
  • Mary Hardig '14 - saber, first female member of the McKendree U. Fencing Team.
  • Simiola Babayode '13 - epee, Cleveland State University.
  • Aaron Cook '10 - men's foil at Purdue U; team captain 2012/13-2013/14.
  • Emily Brewster '10 - women's saber, Boston University; 2015 Collegiate Club Championship 8th place individual and 1st place team; competed with the Imperial College Fencing Club, London, England in Summer 2012.
  • Sandy Denton '09 - competed in Division 2, Women's Epee at the 2009 Summer Nationals held in Texas, finishing 22nd out of 118 competitors.
  • Alex Block '08 - was employed as a fencing instructor at the Milwaukee Sport Fencing Academy in Wisconsin.
  • Kathleen Halpin '07 - women's saber, Cornell U., Ithaca, NY.; assistant fencing coach, Culver Academies, Indiana.
  • Stephanie Wegrzyn '06 - founded the fencing club at Columbia College in Chicago.
Fencing alums meet up at the Midwest Collegiate Fencing Championship in March 2017. L to R - Mary Hardig '14 (McKendree), Megan Chio '16 (Indiana U.), Sierra Jones '15 (Wayne State), Simiola Babayode '13 (Cleveland State) and Andrew Tolbert '14 (McKendree).


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