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Marian Catholic Student Objectives

Marian Catholic High School graduates will:

  • live their lives in Jesus Christ;
  • develop a prayer-rooted spiritual life of fidelity to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;
  • contribute to a Christian atmosphere for developing personal relationships;
  • give volunteer service to individuals and non-profit institutions;
  • work cooperatively with parents, parishes, and the civic community;
  • be a part of a community of believers whose faith witnesses to an active Christian presence in the south suburban area of Chicago.
  • think independently, critically, and analytically;
  • speak, read, and write intelligently;
  • be successful in an appropriate college;
  • continue to develop creativity and aesthetic sensitivity;
  • exhibit habits of good health and physical activity;
  • assume their roles as responsible leaders and strong citizens;
  • display growth in self-esteem and self-discipline;
  • benefit from academic and career guidance, and personal counseling;
  • have participated in honor societies, cultural and special interest clubs, and sports activities;
  • experience a professionally attractive environment that fosters faculty growth.

Adopted 10/77, Revised 1/80, 1/86, Reviewed 10/93, Revised 2001.