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Library Information & Services

General Information

  • Hours
    Open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m on regularly scheduled school days. Students can use the library before or after school, during their study hall, or as part of a class.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I check out and return books?
    Checking out and returning books is done at the circulation desk or through the Access 360 Magic Wall. To check out a book physically, you need the book and your ID one of the library staff will check you out on the computer. To return a book simply put it in the book drop slot in the circulation desk when you first enter the library. For Access 360 use see Mrs. Silander or Mrs. Jones to get started.
  • How long can I keep a book and what are the fines?
    Regular books are loaned out on a 3-week basis. There are no Late fees. Some reference books can be checked out overnight. Reference book checkout is after school and they must be returned before the 1st period the next day. Yes, they can be renewed if there are no holds on the title. Regular books can be checked out anytime. Access 360 books can be checked out 24/7.
  • Can I order books from other libraries and how long does it take?
    Yes, simply give us or email us the book citation you wish to order. If a book comes from a library that is close perhaps a couple of days otherwise it could be a week.
  • Can I access the library's web page outside of the library?
    Yes, but you will need the passwords for all e-books and electronic indexes and databases. Passwords can be obtained at the circulation desk.
  • When does the Library open and close?
    The Library is open at 7:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm.


The Marian Catholic High School library has 1 full time professional and 1-part time professional librarian. There are about 14,500 (books) in the library.

For personal and research purposes the library subscribes to a variety of magazines, journal, and newspaper indices, which are in online The library also subscribes to several magazines and newspapers in the print format. Over 1,000 E-Books and specialized databases for several subject areas are also available online. All online research materials can be accessed through the library’s web page both at school and at home. There is a link to the library’s web page through Marian’s home page. Articles are also electronically delivered through RAILS and other systems.

Through the use of I-SHARE, students can browse the card catalogs from 76 academic libraries in Illinois. Using SWAN and the Statewide Illinois Library Catalog, students can look at the collections of all the public libraries in the Illinois. Students can also access Indiana’s Lake County Library and its branches. Marian’s card catalog can also be accessed outside of the library through the library’s web page.

Using Axis 360, students can electronically check out books 24/7 on their mobile devices. Through the use of inter-library loan, books can be borrowed from the academic libraries. Internet access is available in the library.

The library is totally automated. The students need their IDs to check out materials. Most materials in our library circulate. The library is open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Students can come in before or after school, during their study hall, lunch or as part of a class. Students use the library for research, study, and individual enrichment or leisure reading.

Marian’s library provides instructional services on a variety of levels and settings. This includes consultation by appointment, scheduled classroom instruction and formal lectures for freshmen orientation and junior and senior term papers. The library provides instruction in research methods, library and bibliographic-related software, library and Internet resources and curriculum development.

The Library’s Abe Lincoln Book Club provides students and faculty the opportunity to discuss books. The library also provides programs (storytellers, plays, animal visitors, speakers, etc.) to introduce Marian students to other cultural interests beyond the world of academia. The library also offers a series of life skills workshops for students during the year. These workshops can include, cooking skills, banking information, etc. A CiviliTEA is held in the library on most Wednesdays afterschool. Students can relax and talk to each other while enjoying a cup of tea and cookies. During finals the library has therapy dogs to help the students deal with their stress.

Staff Library Services

The library provides many resources available for teachers to use in their daily lesson plans and teaching. Resources available include ability to:

  • Request book lists, audio / video lists and equipment
  • Check out video tapes
  • Place materials on reserve
  • Schedule individual meetings with the librarians to plan their class research projects
  • Schedule individual classes or small groups to work on research
  • Provide instruction and guidance in research methods, bibliographic related software, Internet resources, and curriculum development
  • Help staff identify authoritative web sites
  • Help staff working on degrees with their researching needs
  • Order material for teachers through interlibrary loans
  • Allow teachers to preview new materials before purchasing
  • Fax personal as well as professional items


Collection Development and Selection Policy

Recommendations for all print materials come from the students, faculty, or administrators. The librarian also recommends print materials to the teachers for preview. The librarian also selects print materials to supplement the curriculum and special projects. The following selection tools are used when selecting print materials.

  • Booklist
  • Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
  • School Library Journal

Recommendations for audio-visual materials come from teachers, administrators or the librarian. All materials are previewed in the related department before purchase. Selection tools used for selection of audio-visual are:

  • Technology and Learning
  • Booklist
  • School Library Journal
  • Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

Recommendations for electronic resources are based on the same criteria as above and the same selection tools. All electronic sources are used by the students for several months before purchase.

Hardware recommendations are considered on an individual and budgetary basis.

A balanced selection of materials is purchased, but each year, by the judgement of the librarian a department is chosen for special consideration. Or if a special project needs more materials that can be also a special consideration.

Challenged Materials

If the need arises, the material in question is discussed with the library staff, and administration. It is the library's mission to offer both sides of an issue. Issues that are totally against what the Catholic Church teaches are kept in the professional collection.

These materials are circulated to students with the librarian's approval.

Library Computer Access and Use

The Library's computer stations are provided for: retrieving academic information in support of the scholarly and educational missions of Marian Catholic High School, checking students Marian email accounts, and to create and collaborate. Appropriate use of these computers follows the same standards of common sense, courtesy, that govern use of other shared resources.

Responsible use of shared resources requires that individuals refrain from altering hardware, software, or data configurations, and from excessive recreational use. Marian Catholic High School's acceptable use policies regarding use of campus networks, hardware, and software apply. The Technology Department policy is available at A failure to follow these policies may result in a student losing access priveldges to use the Marian Catholic computers.

Access to the Internet allows access to information from around the world. Its content is not managed or governed by any entity. Users may encounter information and images that they may find disturbing or offensive. The Library web site provides links to web pages in support of the information needs of library users. Such links are not intended as official endorsements. Students are taught how to properly evaluate remote resources according to their academic and personal information needs. Many of the resources found on the Internet are copyright protected. It is the student's responsibility to respect ownership and intellectual property rights.

As privacy cannot be guaranteed, others may see what an individual is viewing. Users should clear the screen of search results when finished. Users should consider the sensibilities of others in accessing networked resources at public access stations and using the printers.

Wrubel Learning Center


Each year, Marian benefactor and Uncle Frank Bracha sends flowers on the October 1st birthday of Margaret Wrubel, whose estate created an endowed annual scholarship for a Catholic student at Marian.

Marian's learning center in the library is named in memory of Wrubel and serves as a valuable space for collaboration, study, special projects, activities and meeting for the Marian Catholic High School Community.