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Memorials & Honorariums

Please feel free to request a Memorial and/or Honorarium card package by contacting the Main Office or Michelle Brown in the Advancement Office (708.996.4634) A replacement memorial card is automatically sent to those offering a memorial when word of a memorial is received.


For the past 20 years, Marian Catholic High School has quietly processed memorials for loved ones, sending cards and remembering hundreds in the prayers and Masses of the Dominican Sisters and the Marian Catholic students.

In addition to remembering loved ones at the Sisters' Eucharist in their Chapel, those who have offered a memorial during the previous school year are invited to a Memorial Mass to be held in the Marian Catholic Student Chapel in early November.


Honorariums are communicated through a special greeting card notifying the honored one that a gift impacting the scholarship and service of our students has been made to Marian Catholic High School.  The Dominican Sisters are delighted to pray for you and your intentions as expressed in your honorarium.



Online Memorial Donations

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