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Parent Pledge


Welcome to the beginning of another wonderful school year at Marian Catholic High School. As the excitement of the summer gives way to the promise of a new academic year, we are thrilled to welcome our all students and their families to begin our good work together. Marian Catholic is, and always will be, a community and a family, and we thrive as a result the care we put into our relationships. From the daily attention demonstrated by our teachers and students in the classroom to the thoughtful partnerships between parents and educators that form the backbone of an excellent Marian Catholic education, we thrive when we work together.

A large part of this good work done here at Marian Catholic is funded by the tuition dollars paid by our hard working families. However, a gap exists between what our families pay in tuition and our total cost of educating each Marian Catholic student. To help close this gap, all parents are invited to join the Parent Pledge Program and make a tax-deductible gift of $750 for each child attending Marian Catholic. The Parent Pledge Program is a popular, convenient, and voluntary way to support the Marian Annual Fund and the mission of Marian Catholic High School. Know that your donation will make an immediate difference in the lives of the student body and will make the full Marian Catholic experience a realized possibility for all of our students. Your gift will enhance our technology, upgrade our facilities, and improve the programs offered at Marian Catholic.

By participating in the Parent Pledge Program you make the choice early in the school year to fulfill the Spartan Gold Raffle, a required fundraiser, and eliminate your family/student’s obligation to sell the raffle tickets.

There are benefits of participating in the Parent Pledge Program for both student and family.

The student will receive:

  • An exemption from selling ten tickets and their required Spartan Gold Raffle obligation will be fulfilled
  • Dress down days for the remainder of the selling period after the pledge is made
  • An additional five dress school-designated down days during the second semester
  • The all-school free day (granted when all-school raffle goal is met)
  • Respective homeroom quota credit

The family will receive:

  • Ten chances in the Spartan Gold Raffle
  • A Family Activity Pass for free access to all regular season home athletic events
  • Four tickets to both the Fall and Spring plays
  • A paid membership in the MCHS Parents Club
  • A tax letter for the portion of your donation that is tax deductible

During their four years at Marian Catholic, students are surrounded by a faith community that will love, lead, mentor, and educate them. Your partnership with the Dominican Sisters helps support Marian Catholic student life: academics, arts, athletics, service, and leadership programs which are so vital to the college prep experience.

On behalf of the Board of Directors Advancement Committee and the students of Marian Catholic, thank you for your decision to make a difference in Marian Catholic education.

Our greatest treasure is having your student in our halls. Thank you for sharing them with Marian Catholic.

Go Spartans!

Michelle Brown