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Social Studies Department

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"  - George Santayana
Marian Catholic's Social Studies Programs enable students to learn about a variety of different disciplines, such as history, economics, geography, law, sociology, and anthropology. The ideas, information, and practices explored in social studies help students to build an informed and balanced view of our world and its citizens.
Department Chair: Scott Bodnar
  • Modern World History Advanced Placement
  • Human Geography Advanced Placement
  • U.S. History Advanced Placement
  • American Government Advanced Placement
  • Comparative Government Advanced Placement
  • Psychology Advanced Placement
  • Advanced Placement Micro and Macroeconomics
  • World History Honors
  • World History
  • American Studies
  • U. S. History
  • Modern U.S. History
  • African American Studies
  • Latino American Cultural Studies
  • American Government
  • Introduction to Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Social Issues with an Ethical Perspective
  • Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Sports and Society through Literature
Most Marian Catholic social studies teachers have attained their master's degree,
consult for the College Board, and support student activities such as Political Club,
Psychology Club, and Model United Nations.
All teachers incorporate Understanding by Design, research skills, technology and
writing in their courses.
Students must take 3 credits/years of social studies: The first credit is a choice of World History, AP World History, AP Human Geography, or AP Comparative Government.
The second credit must be U.S. History or AP U.S. History/American Studies.
The third credit is the option of any social studies course.