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Speech Team

During the 2018-2019 season, the Marian Catholic Speech Team took 4th place at IHSA Regionals, 1st place at IHSA Sectionals, and 5th place at IHSA state with 7 individual events placing.
12 Illinois High School Association Speech State Individual Championships; 24 Individual IHSA Sectional Champions and 62 Individual IHSA Regional Crowns in the last 10 Years
Speech team is a competitive activity in which students compete in thirteen unique events ranging from impromptu speaking, poetry reading, radio broadcasting, and original comedy. Forensics competition in the state of Illinois is governed by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). 
Event Descriptions
  • Dramatic Duet Acting (DDA) - An eight minute scene from a play or script performed with a partner usually with a more serious or dramatic theme.
  • Dramatic Interpretation (DI) - An eight minute monologue from a play, book, movie or short story performed individually with a more serious or dramatic theme.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking (ES) - Limited time preparation event. The student blindly draws three topics from a number of cards. The speaker then chooses one of the topics and has 30 minutes to prepare a six minute speech. Topics for the event include national and international issues of politics, commerce, social issues, government policy and international relations.
  • Humorous Duet Acting (HDA) - An eight minute scene from a play or script performed with a partner usually with a less serious, more comedic or jovial theme.
  • Humorous Interpretation (HI) - An eight minute cutting of a play, short story, or monologue performed individually. Performer oftentimes plays all of the characters using different voices and physical characterizations. Usually a silly, outrageous performance.
  • Impromptu Speaking (IMP) - Each speaker is given a topic at the beginning of their speaking turn, and is given two minutes to prepare and deliver a meaningful, organized, coherent speech. Topics are drawn from the categories of Names, Words, or Quotations.
  • Informative Speaking (INF) - An eight minute speech written by the individual student about any topic with the intention to inform the audience
  • Oratorical Declamation (OD) - An eight minute pre-existing speech performed by a student, for example, a TEDtalk or something similar.
  • Original Comedy (OC) - An eight minute story with multiple characters performed and written by one individual, similar to HI except it is completely self-written.
  • Original Oratory (OO) - An eight minute speech on an important, current topic, performed from memory. The speech can be informative, but persuasive in nature.
  • Poetry Reading (PO) - An 8 minute combination of various poems and poetic literature combined to create a cohesive theme and story. Theme can be humorous, dramatic, or a combination of both. Performed with a small black interpretation book.
  • Prose Reading (PR) - An 8 minute interpretation of a short story or cutting of a novel, memoir, etc. performed individually with the story in front of you in a small black interpretation book. Theme can be humorous, dramatic, or a combination of both
  • Radio Speaking (RS) - Students prepare a script that includes multiple components of radio broadcasting, such as entertainment, news, weather, sports, etc. to read a 5 minute radio broadcast
  • Special Occasion Speaking (SOS) - An eight minute student-written speech intended to persuade the audience on any given topic with the constant use of humor and or wit.