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Tuition And Fees For 2019-2020

We work very hard to provide every student with a quality education while maintaining a reasonable tuition rate. Although tuition is our largest source of revenue, it does not fully cover the cost of the college preparatory experience Marian Catholic offers. Tuition and fees cover 87% of the cost to educate a student at Marian Catholic. We do not receive any financial support from the Archdiocese of Chicago, or local, state, or federal agencies. Generous donations from parents, alumni, and friends of Marian Catholic High School along with fundraising activities provide the remaining 13%.



  • $11,750 - 1st Student
  • $10,750 - 2nd Student
  • $9,750 - 3rd Student



  • $300 Registration Fee
  • $300 General Fee



  • $3,000 for children of Marian Alumni (beginning in the 2019-2020 school year with the Class of 2023)
  • $1,750 for Indiana residents who attend a Catholic grammar school or are parishioners of a Catholic church
  • $400 for Prepaying Tuition in Full
  • $200 for Prepaying for Those Receiving a Scholarship, Discount, or Tuition Assistance

Loan Options

International Students

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