Ways to Support

Grants from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, annual gifts received from the Marian Catholic community directed to The Sr. Simeon Fund for emergency tuition sponsorship, and the Endowed Scholarships Program, comprise the primary sources of tuition assistance available to our students. Your assistance could profoundly impact the life of a student.

Families apply for tuition assistance by submitting documentation, including an application and income tax information, to an outside committee which determines need. In addition, a letter demonstrating financial need is sent to the President's Office. Awards are based on student fulfillment of the Mission of Marian Catholic and support of the four Dominican pillars: Prayer, Study, Community and Preaching.

Information regarding the scholarship/tuition award process can be found here: Scholarship/Tuition Award Application Process. Applications are reviewed by the President with assistance from the Scholarship Committee. Outside counsel will review financial documentation. Awards vary from $1,000 to $8,000 with all scholarship recipients eligible to reapply each year. Sources of funding include:

DOMINICAN AWARD: The Dominican Sisters of Springfield have established grants to subsidize their ministries. The Marian Catholic administration has traditionally restricted the gift to tuition assistance.

THE SR. SIMEON FUND: This program, an element of the Marian Annual Fund, realizes the dream of Sr. M. Simeon McCoppin, O.P., former Marian Catholic Treasurer, who worked with many families to find emergency financial sponsorship. Students receive tuition assistance in amounts appropriate to the situation, the need, and the availability of funds throughout the year. The Sr. Simeon Fund comes from friends and alumni who recognize the need to support our mission and students in need. This fund must be replenished each year. You can support here: Sr. Simeon Fund.

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS: Endowed scholarships are gifted by benefactors and awarded annually using the interest earned on the principal invested in an endowment fund. All endowed scholarship funds are invested with professional managers and are restricted for annual tuition assistance in keeping with the criteria established by respective benefactors.

A fully Endowed Scholarship begins at $100,000. A partial scholarship begins at $25,000. If you are interested in sponsoring an endowed scholarship, we will work with you to create the criteria. Payments to establish your scholarship may be in a lump sum or paid over years. Once your scholarship reaches $25,000, the first award can be made. Upon attaining partial scholarship status, your scholarship is introduced to the Marian Catholic community at the first all-school mass in August. You are invited to attend mass and share breakfast at school with the student receiving your award.

If you would like to discuss scholarship opportunities, please contact Carol Burke Swanson '81, Director of Engagement & Stewardship, at 708-756-9775.

ENDOWMENT GOLF CLASSIC: Established in 1989 to create an endowment to provide scholarships for students, the fund tops $3 million. Over 300 students have realized their dream of becoming a Marian Catholic Spartan due to the generosity of the participants and sponsors.

For information on these or other gifting opportunities, please contact:

Carol Burke Swanson '81, Director of Engagement & Stewardship
700 Ashland Ave.
Chicago Heights, IL 60411