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Wish List

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck O.P. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Goal: $100,000
The Sister Mary Jo Sobieck O.P. Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to aid students of promise who do not have the resources but wish to attain a superior Catholic education at Marian Catholic High School. As Marian Catholic continues to answer the call to teach our youth truth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we as a community must answer the call to protect the future of Marian Catholic High School.
Math Department
Goal: $900
  • Classroom calculators for 2 freshmen math classes (60 calculators)
  • Classroom calculators are imperative to the success of all students
Modular Seating
Math Department
Goal: $5,400
  • Modular seating chairs
  • 10 chairs at $540 per chair
Standing Desk
Math Department
Goal: $1,200
  • Standing desks
  • 3 desks at $400 per desk
Cloud Light Covers
Guidance Department
Goal: $1,260 
  • Cloud Light Covers provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for students to talk and open up to Guidance Counselors
  • $30 for a 2 x 4 cover for 42 lights throughout Guidance
HemoSpat Software
Science Department
Goal: $11,200
  • Hemospat Software will allow Forensic Science students to analyze the trigonometry of crime scene blood spatter patterns through multiple perspectives.
  • 4 licenses
AP Biology Trip
Science Department
Goal: $27,600
  • AP Biology trip to Yellowstone / Grand Tetons National Park
  • Giving students the opportunity to observe and appreciate living habitats and ecosystems they otherwise wouldn’t know about in Illinois
  • 12 students; $2300 per student
Heritage Spanish Library of Books
World Language Department
Goal: $634.40
  • Would be used to enhance grammar and presentation skills
  • 4 titles, 20 copies each, 80 total paper back books, 3 teacher manuals
Operation Snowball
Clubs & Organizations
Goal: $2,000
  • The Operation Snowball retreat takes place in February each year. This retreat promotes positive peer influence, self-esteem, teen communication with family and friends, and a drug-free lifestyle. Costs for this program have risen throughout the years, and OS is raising funds to offset the remaining costs for students.
  • Offset costs of Operation Snowball per participant
Wireless Fencing Scoring System
Athletics Department
Goal: $1,100
  • Wireless fencing scoring system requires minimum set up and repair time
  • Charged using a standard micro USB charger the base station will last up to 50 hours of constant fencing and the fencer packs will last 35 hours.
Studio Lighting, Control and Distribution Equipment
Multimedia Productions Department
Goal: $47,840
  • Studio lighting system for the Marian Catholic Broadcast room
Panasonic Broadcast Grade HD Camera Package
Multimedia Productions Department
Goal: $207,061
  • This package will be used in our Broadcast Center for teaching students about multimedia productions
Leadership Center Projector
Technology Department
Goal: $12,500
  • The projector in the Leadership Center is an aging projector without the newer inputs (HDMI). The new projector will be brighter and have the newer inputs needed for connecting to newer devices.
Leadership Center Projector Lens
Technology Department
Goal: $2,900
  • This lens will complete the projector for the Leadership Center
Classroom Projectors
Technology Department
Goal: $18,000
  • Epson PowerLite 980W projectors with mounting hardware
  • These projectors will replacing aging classroom projectors
  • 20 projectors at $900 each
Network Switch Upgrades
Technology Department
Goal: $125,000
  • Upgrade existing switches to support our growing infrastructure
  • Various HP POE+ switches are needed for the upgrade
  • Estimating 30 switches and one main core switch
Choir Projector
Fine Arts Department
Goal: $1,250
  • Short Throw Projector for choir room with mounting hardware
  • Allow easier access for lessons in the classroom
Choral Risers
Fine Arts Department
Goal: $8,700
  • Would be used for concerts and programs and school events
  • 6 risers at $1,450 each
Corded Table Saw
Theater Department
Goal: $1,300
  • 1.5 HP 15 Amp 10 in. Corded Saw with Mobile Cart
  • This will allow the students to safely and accurately cut large objects for building sets in the theater. In addition, the engineering classes would use it from time to time when working on a project that involves woodworking.
Merge VR/AR Goggles Virtual & Reality Headset
Technology Department
Goal: $600
  • To be used in Technology and STEM classes
  • 20 headsets at $30 each
College Board AP Exam Fee
All Teaching Departments
Goal: $94 per Exam
  • Marian Catholic has an increasing number of students in Advanced Placement exams each year.
  • There are 347 students who will test on 762 exams which will cost each student $94 PER EXAM!
  • Students who take 4 tests are looking at almost $400! This can be challenging for some families to endure.
  • Students who were previously unable to test out of their AP Classes and receive college level credit due financial hardship will be able to have the opportunity to test out of their AP class with help from this fund.
Large Duck Coop with Nesting Boxes
Goal: $675
  • Ducks return every year to hatch their ducklings in two of our courtyards
  • By providing shelter, water, and food, we can help the ducklings survive the weather and natural predators.
Support Cheerleading
Goal: $20,000
  • Game Day Uniforms
  • Choreography
  • New Mats
  • Travel Expenses
Support Speech / Theater
Fine Arts
Goal: $100,000
  • Update, remodel and enhance our current auditorium