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2015-16 Fencing Results


Captains: Megan Chio, Jacob Schwarz, Austin Fritzgerald


Men’s Team

Dual Meets: 6 Victories and 8 Defeats




Maine West HS 30-18

New Trier HS 9-39

Evanston Township HS 26-22

Stevenson HS 13-35

Glenbrook South HS 28-20

Culver Academy 8-40

Catholic Memorial HS 27-21

Deerfield/Highland Park HS 12-36

Marian Central Catholic HS 33-18

Libertyville/Vernon Hills HS 17-34

Lowell HS 33-18

Brookfield Academy 18-30

Homewood-Flossmoor HS 22-26

U of Chicago Laboratory HS 23-25


Varsity Medalists: Midwest Open, 7th in men's saber - Kevin Ham '19; Conference Championship, 8th in men's saber - Evan Wieringa '17. JV Medalist: JV Championship 2nd in men's foil - Quinn Kirchner '18


Conference Championships: the men's team finished 7th out of the 15 schools in the Great Lakes HS Fencing Conference.


Women’s Team

Dual Meets: 8 victories and 6 defeats




Maine West HS 29-19

New Trier HS 5-43

Evanston Township HS 35-13

Stevenson HS 2-46

Glenbrook South HS 41-7

Culver Academy 7-39

Brookfield Academy 32-16

Deerfield/Highland Park HS 15-33

Marian Central Catholic HS 32-16

Libertyville/Vernon Hills HS 21-27

Lowell HS 27-21

Catholic Memorial HS 21-27

Homewood-Flossmoor HS 30-18

U of Chicago Laboratory HS 26-24


JV Medalists: HF JV Teams, 3rd place in women's foil- Emily Recupido '18, Lisette Kelly '18, Ariel Castillo '19; HF JV Teams 3rd place in women's saber - Sarah Jackson '18, Christiana Moraga '18, Melanie Chio '19;

JV Championship 3rd place in women's epee - Ugochinyere Ndukwe '18


Conference Championships: the women's team finished 4th out of the 15 schools in the Great Lakes HS Fencing Conference.


2014-15 Results


Captains: Alexis Castillo, David Naranjo, Phoenix Burnett


Women's Team - 21 fencers; 8-5 in Dual Meets; 4th at Conference Championships;

11 out of 21 had their best varsity finish at Championships


Men'sTeam - 11 fencers; 5-8 in Dual Meets; 12th at Conference Championships;

9 out of 11 had their best varsity finish at Championships


2013-14 Results

Captains: Kevin Kwok, Alexis Castillo, Andrew Tolbert & Phillip Block

Dual Meets - Men’s Team: 5th overall in conference with 6 wins and 5 losses; wins vs. Maine West, Catholic Memorial, Marian Central, Homewood-Flossmoor, Lab, Brookfield and Evanston.

Dual Meets - Women’s Team: 8th overall in conference with 4 wins and 7 losses; wins vs. Marian Central, Homewood-Flossmoor, Brookfield, and Evanston.

Junior Varsity Medalists: JV Team Competition: Sierra Jones and Gabreale Rucker finished 2nd in Women’s Team Epee. JV Championship at Marian Central – women’s medalists: Megan Chio -2nd Saber, Gabreale Rucker -6th Epee, Christiana Harris -8th Epee; men’s medalist: Phoenix Burnett -6th Epee.

Varsity Medalists: Mens Team -- Andrew Tolbert (epee) - 7th at Catholic Memorial, 7th at the Midwest Open, 1st at the Red Devil Invitational, # in Dual Meets. Kevin Kwok (foil) – 1st at the Red Devil Invitational, # in Dual Meets. Womens Team -- Mary Hardig (saber) – 3rd at the Red Devil Invitational; Sierra Jones 1st and Gabreale Rucker 3rd (epee) at the Red Devil Invitational; Alexis Castillo 1st and Jacqueline Johnson 2nd (foil) at the Red Devil Invitational.

Other Awards: Kevin Kwok was awarded the Peter Morrison Sportsmanship Award by the Great Lakes HS Fencing Conference. Andrew Tolbert and Mary Hardig accepted scholarships to fence for McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois, becoming the first two members of the school’s inaugural fencing program.

2012-13 Results

Captains: Jeremy Williams, Alex Wieringa, Melen Skurka & Laura Maro

2012-13 wrap-up: In dual meets, both men’s and women’s teams posted 4-5 records. The men’s team beat Catholic Memorial, Homewood-Flossmoor, Marian Central and University of Chicago Lab. The women’s team beat Deerfield-Highland Park, Homewood-Flossmoor, Maine West and Marian Central. Men’s epee went 8-1, losing only to New Trier, and ending the day in a three way tie for 1st place, resolved by indicators (touches scored minus touches received received) for a 3rd place finish.

Junior Varsity Medalists: at the Homewood-Flossmoor HS JV Teams Tournament, Mary Hardig and Megan Chio teamed up with a Marian Central fencer for a 3rd place finish in women’s saber. At the JV Championship at Marian Central, Jess Olsen placed 2nd in women’s epee.

Varsity Medalists: Andrew Tolbert placed 8th in epee at the Dual Meets Tournament. John Kirschenheiter placed 7th in epee at the Midway Classic (U High, Chicago) and 8th in the Varsity Championships. Kevin Kwok placed 6th in Foil, also at the Varsity Championships. Melen Skurka tied for 3rd in Saber at the Midway Classic and Laura Maro placed 4th in Saber in the Varsity Championships.


2011-12 Results

Captains: Shannon Obbagy, Matthew Wilk, Dillon Domke 2011-2012 wrap-up: In dual meets, Marian's men's and women's teams went 4-5. Both teams had victories over Homewood-Flossmoor, Marian Central, and U of Chicago Lab School; the men won their match against Maine West and the women won against Deerfield/Highland Park.

Junior Varsity Medalists: at the Homewood-Flossmoor HS JV Team Tournament, Kevin Kwok, Joe Rivera, Gabe Rohn & Jeremy Williams earned 1st place in men's foil, John Kirschenheiter, Alex Wieringa & Andrew Tolbert earned 2nd place in men's epee and Fred Lam, Antonio Davis & Brian Coleman also earned 2nd place in men's epee.  In addition, Jackie Johnson earned 1st place in women's foil as part of a combined team with Marian Central. At the J-V Championship at Marian Central, Kevin Kwok earned 5th in men's foil, Andrew Tolbert tied for 3rd in men's epee, Alex Wieringa earned 2nd in men's epee and John Kirschenheiter earned 1st in men's epee.

Varsity Medalists: John Kirschenheiter earned 8th in men's epee at Catholic Memorial HS Invitational, and Laura Maro earned 6th in women's saber in the Dual Meets Tournament and 4th in women's saber at the Midway Classic (U High, Chicago).


2010 Results

Captains: Ve'Amber Miller & Cody Kreisl

In dual meets, Marian's women's teams finished 3-6, with victories over U High, Marian Central and Deerfield-Highland Park. Marian's men's teams finished 2-7 with victories over U High and Marian Central. Five fencers earned medals at this year's JV Championship, a first for Marian fencing at a tournament where we had never before earned more than one!

Our JV medalists were: women's epee:Simiola Babayode '13 - 7th, men's epee: John Kirschenheiter '13 - 6th, Andrew Tolbert '14 - tied for 3rd; women's saber:Melen Skurka '13 - tied for 7th and Laura Maro '13 - 5th. Laura also earned a medal in the dual meets, placing 7th overall among women's varsity saber fencers for the second consecutive year.


2009 Results

Captains: Brianna Wegrzyn & Tommy Sullivan

This year's team had 12 seniors, 6 juniors, 7 sophomores and 16 freshmen. With so many young fencers it was a building year for Spartan fencing, but also one that shows great promise for the future.

The Great Lakes HS Fencing Conference sponsored 2 days of dual meets so that, for the first time, every school in the conference could fence head to head. Marian had a dual meet record of 2-7, chalking up victories against Marian Central Catholic and University of Chicago Laboratory HS. Women's Saber had the best overall results at 4-5 with additional wins over Homewood-Flossmoor and Deerfield-Highland Park.

All of this season's medals went to freshmen. At the Deerfield-Highland Park Freshman Tournament MCHS earned 6 medals: women's saber - Laura Maro 1st, Melen Skurka 2nd; women's foil - Edith Boiquaye 5th, Zoe Sissac 7th & Kelli Wolff 8th; women's epee - A'Keisha Lee 7th. Laura Maro placed 8th at the JV Championships, Marian's 4th consecutive medalist and first freshman medalist at that event. At the Homewood-Flossmoor JV Team Tournament, women's saber fencers Laura Maro, Melen Skurka and Miranda Melone placed 3rd. Individual medals were also awarded for dual meet results, with Laura Maro earning a 7th place finish in women's saber.

2008 Results

Captains: Sandy Denton '09 and Gregory Gordon '09

Marian added men's and women's saber teams, completing our team to include all three Olympic fencing weapons.  Hosting our first-ever home meet, we defeated Homewood-Flossmoor HS by a score of 198-181.

Marian fencers competed in seven tournaments, bringing home multiple medals. Medalists, led by Sandy Denton '09 (two 1sts, one 2nd, two 3rds, one 4th in women's epee), included Greg Gordon '09 (8th at Marian Central, 1st at Deerfield/Highland Park, both in men's saber) Tommy Sullivan '10 (7th in men's foil at New Trier), and, also at Deerfield/Highland Park, in men's epee, 2nd - Alex Block '09, 5th - Thomas Roome '09, 6th - Douglas Davenport '09; in women's saber, 3rd - Emma Young '12; and in women's foil, 6th - Ve'Amber Miller '11.

Men's Epee earned a 3rd place trophy at the Great Lakes High School Fencing Conference championship for their overall tournament finishes. The varsity men's epee squad included Alex Block '09, Thomas Roome '09, Douglas Davenport '09 and John Hanauer '10. In addition: Alex Block '09 qualified for and competed in the Junior Olympic Championship in men's epee, his second consecutive appearance.

2007 Results

Captains: Liz Wilk '08 and Zakary Zimmerman '08

Marian foil and epee fencers competed in eight tournaments, regularly placing multiple fencers in the top 25 percent. Tommy Sullivan '10 placed 7th in men's foil in the Novice/Junior Varsity Championship tournament at Marian Central, Woodstock. In addition: Alex Block '09 qualified for and competed in the Junior Olympic Championship in men's epee.

2006 Results

Captains: Kathleen Halpin '07 and Caitlin Listro '07

Marian fielded men's and women's teams in foil and epee, competing in four tournaments. Sean Conley '09 won Marian's first-ever medals with a 4th place finish in men's foil at the Stevenson Invitational and a 8th place finish in the Novice/Junior Varsity Championship tournament at Marian Central, Woodstock. In addition: Mary Halpin '09 qualified for and competed in the Junior Olympic Championship in women's foil.

2005 Results

Led by co-founders: Caitlin Listro '07, Kathleen Halpin '07, Shannon Lancaster '06, Jessica Lancaster '06, Marian fielded men's and women's foil teams, competing in seven tournaments and putting up good results in dual meets against local rival Homewood-Flossmoor HS and Marian Central Catholic HS.