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Kairos 218


Kairos 219


The word “Kairos” comes to us from the Greek language and can be understood in a Christian sense to mean “the Lord’s time.” Juniors and seniors have the option to attend a four-day, three-night Kairos retreat held off-campus, offered throughout the school year. Kairos offers students a unique opportunity to break away from the routine of their daily lives in order to seriously examine their relationships with God, the self, and others. During Kairos, students listen to a series of talks, participate in small and large group discussions, and have the opportunity to pray and celebrate the sacraments together.

Noah Deabel '23

"Kairos allowed me to see the deeper side of both myself and others. I always thought I knew everything about my friends, but in all honesty, I only knew what was on the outermost layer. The experiences I encountered at Kairos, taught me that there is no reason to be afraid to share my stories, as this not only lets my friends know the sincere me, but also opens my mind to know myself on an intimate level and accept the life events that shaped who I am today."

Noah Deabel '21


"Kairos is one of the best things Marian has to offer. This retreat is an eye opening experience that helps you understand how loved and valued you are in this world. God is present throughout the retreat and works in people in many different ways."

Anna Grill '21

Anna Grill '21