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Junior Retreat 2019-2020

Retreats are an important part of the Marian Catholic experience. Each year, every member of the community is invited to spend some time focused on God in prayer and reflection.

Freshman, sophomore, and junior class retreats allow for a deeper understanding of one of the mottos of the Dominican Order: “Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare”—“To Praise, To Bless, To Preach.”

Freshmen Retreat

During freshman retreat, the hope is for students to realize that they are blessed and are called to be a blessing in this world. This is also an opportunity for freshmen to make new friendships and build bonds as a class.

Sophomore Retreat

Sophomores explore the idea of “praedicare”—how they are called to preach the Gospel in both word and action – during their retreats. Students study the “signs of the times” and consider where their preaching is needed in our world today.

Junior Retreat

Junior retreat focuses on “laudare”—the many and diverse ways we praise God through prayer. Students attend a number of workshops and try new ways to pray in order to gain experiences they can use to enhance their own spiritual lives.

Senior Retreat 

Seniors gather for an afternoon of reflection at the start of the school year to contemplate the motto “Veritas”—“Truth” as well as their responsibility to serve as student leaders of the school community.